Navigating Life with Truth

What We Do...

We live in a broken world, and problems will inevitably come our way. Sometimes, those problems require a helping hand. Nearly half of those who come to Grace Harbor are seeking guidance and tools for their marriage; others come here over struggles with common problems such as unresolved anger, depression, or anxiety, and then beyond to more intractable problems like eating disorders, self-injury, and sexual abuse. Our approach in helping people is distinctly Christian, mindful that we are fellow travelers with you over the seas of life.

At Grace Harbor, your dignity will be honored, your confidentiality will be respected, and your struggles will be handled with the truth and grace of Christian faith. We exist to help you work toward the restoration and reconciliation of broken relationships, toward personal wholeness and well-being, to the end that your faith in Jesus Christ grows and deepens through the process. We work in partnership with local churches and Christian physicians, and believe that Biblical counseling is a focused form of discipleship.
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Who We Are...

Jon’s idea of starting Grace Harbor came after he voluntarily created and managed a Bible-based recovery program for Shepherd’s Gate (a subsidiary of Miracle Hill Ministries) in 1993. After nearly two years of fruitful work at Shepherd’s Gate, and with a growing vision to serve the community and the Church, Jon launched Grace Harbor on January 1, 1995. 

Jon married Tamarah in 1990 after having met on a tennis court in 1986. (He swears he lost their first match just so he could take her out to dinner. She begs to differ!). They have two sons, both of whom are currently in college. The Hagens are active members at Grace Church (Downtown).

Educationally, Jon earned his doctoral degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. Prior to that, Jon earned his Bachelor’s, Graduate, and Seminary degrees from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. Jon’s focus throughout his studies was the intersection of theology and psychology, with a bias that all psychological theories are subordinate to and find their best expression in the wisdom of God’s Word.

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Where to Find Us...

Address: 9 Halton Green Way, Greenville, SC 29607
(* Inside the Plan First building)
Phone: 864.915.7070
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