Not Without You

Grace Harbor Counseling Ministries is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) para-church organization. We seek to provide Christian counseling at minimal cost in order to serve as many as possible.
For our mission to continue, and on behalf of the hurting and broken people who come here looking for help, we need your support. Like most nonprofits, we have many success stories we could share of how people’s lives were changed by coming to Grace Harbor. What distinguishes our care is that we are always working to connect people’s struggles to the Gospel of Christ, showing them how it works, and connecting them with a supportive community in order to sustain all that is learned.
If you have questions about how our ministry functions, please contact us. We would be very grateful for your consideration of support for this ministry. Apart from the expense of services rendered to counselees, all other gifts made to Grace Harbor are tax deductible.
Would you be willing to partner with us?
Thank you!

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