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Jon Hagen, M.A., M.DIV., D.MIN.

In the early 1990s, one of Jon’s friends was struggling with a crack cocaine habit and began attending a local substance abuse program. After attending numerous meetings with his friend, Jon grew frustrated with the absence of hope for real and lasting change through that program. 

Then, in late 1993, Shepherd’s Gate, a shelter for women and families and a subsidiary of Miracle Hill Ministries, contacted Jon and asked if he would start a Bible-based program to serve those who wanted out of the drinking and drugging culture. Jon launched the program and stayed involved there for nearly two years.

During his work at Shepherd’s Gate, God began growing a burden in Jon’s heart to enlarge his circle of care. Jon wrote a proposal and submitted it to his church leaders. After reviewing the proposal and making some recommendations, the proposal was accepted and Grace Harbor was birthed January 1, 1995.
Jon’s work at Grace Harbor quickly expanded, and his work encompasses a broad range of counsel. Nearly half of those who come to Grace Harbor for counsel are seeking help with marriage problems, while the other half involve everything from problems with anger, depression, and anxiety to eating disorders and self-injury and sexual abuse. Jon’s work and influence have spread to such divergent places as the isolated back-country of Haiti to thriving urban centers such as John Piper’s Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN.

Jon was born in 1962 and married Tamarah in 1990 (they met on a tennis court in 1986, and still love competing against each other–sometimes pretty intensely–to this day!). The Lord has favored the Hagen family with two sons. From tennis to biking to basketball, it’s not unusual to find the Hagen clan doing something outdoors (along with their yellow lab, ‘Zona). When they can’t be outside, the Hagen’s love having people into their home, reading, listening to music, playing cards and engaged in heated games of ping pong. The Hagen’s are active members at Grace Church.

Educationally, Jon earned his doctoral degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC, completing his studies there with a dissertation on equipping local churches to create lay-driven soul care ministries. Prior to that, Jon earned his Bachelor’s, Graduate, and Seminary degrees from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. Jon’s focus throughout his studies was the intersection of theology and psychology, with a bias that all psychological theories are subordinate to God’s Word and must be filtered through the Scriptures. Grace Harbor wholeheartedly subcribes to the sufficiency of God’s Word in both describing life and its purpose as well as the remedy for our problems; at the same time, we believe that non-believers can make valid observations on behavior and the human condition, even though their thoughts are not authoritative and often in opposition to God.
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